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Guru Gobind Singh Wrestling Club is a non-profit organization located in Legacy Building, Rotary Stadium, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada. and serves the Fraser Valley area. The main objective of the club is to advertise wrestling and to help our local wrestlers become more competitive throughout the province and on a national and international basis.

We offer several different levels of training which is available to a variety of age and skill levels to our prospecting wrestlers.

Beginers :- Beginning wrestlers are instructed through basic skills and are taught the fundamentals of wrestling. Beginners will learn the rules of the sport and practice basic techniques of wrestling  

Amatuers :- More advanced wrestlers practice additional techniques along with the tactics and strategies of wrestling. Our advanced program is structured around improving technique which strengthen in developing and working on a good wrestling stance. Advanced wrestlers will also begin live wrestling and conditioning.

Elite :- Elite wrestlers usually consist of college and international athletes. During Elite training, athletes are expected to familiar with a combination of drills which include areas of concentration, tactics and strategies that improve wrestling skills. Elite wrestlers are also expected to be exceptionally skilled in live wrestling and conditioning.

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